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Juicing Radically Changed My Life

It was the summer of 2021 when my life was shattered by a massive car wreck that led me to a rapid downward spiral in my business, my health, and my personal life.

It took me nearly a year to put my business and life back together, but my health took a massive hit.

I’ve always been generally healthy with both my diet, exercise, and staying active. But working for nearly a year straight in front of a computer really set me back. I was slightly overweight, had lost lots of muscle mass, and my energy levels dropped significantly.

I’m a huge advocate of working out and having a balanced diet, but I was still too busy in my business to really spend the time at the grocery store making sure I got all the nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy balance.

I needed lots of nutrients, fast, and easy so I could focus on everything else.

Juicing seemed like the best option. And it was.

I could do my normal grocery store runs where I get the essentials for my meals and snacks, but to make sure I got all the nutrients I needed I could stop by the produce isle, grab just a couple of items and be set.

I started with a pretty typical kale juice blend, and I started to notice within the first week some dramatic differences in both my health and habits.

I started sleeping better, had more energy, and was generally more motivated to get active. In other words, juicing has radically changed my life.

Since then, I’ve found a passion for juicing and exploring different recipes, and now I own my own juice bar.

I created to share my passion with the world, and hopefully introduce interested juicers to new recipes and ingredients they haven’t tried before.

I like trying juices from around the world since it seems to be pretty popular outside the US, and I’ve brought some of those ideas back home as inspiration for new juices.

Thank you for reading my blog, and happy juicing!